Monday, 31 December 2018

The last day

Today is this last of the year and tomorrow 2019 starts and oh, what will it hold? I usually don't even think about such things and certainly don't get giddy or make resolutions, go out on the town and celebrate, but this year I am intrigued to say the least.

What is going to happen to us here in the UK and dare I mention, here in Northern Ireland? It's 88 days until Brexit (if it even goes ahead, my brain is so confuddled!) and I admit, I am scared. It's normal for me to be basically clueless about the next day never mind the next year, but to think that our Government hasn't got it together is really pushing it.

Some things I do know however and I cling to them with hope in my heart, even those that make me uneasy such as this years birthday, haha.

* Andrew and I will celebrate 21 years together in January
* We will be working hard on our hiking as we have the Ulster Way to finish this coming year
* We have the Cumbria Way lined up for later in the spring
* There shall be a new commitment made to the allotment!
* I'll do more photography experiments (and failures) to help me grow and express myself
* We will both be turning 40! In the Summer 😱

* And this, this quote shall ring in my ears and I shall try to believe it with all the heart.

This is my wish for you dear reader. May this coming year see you experience much, but ultimately, when you take a moment to stop and think, may you be pleasantly surprised to discover that you are happy. Happier than you have been this year, content and able to bat away worries and problems easily.
I wish you all you could wish for yourself.


Thank you for joining me here on 'A Stubborn Optimist' over the past 6 months. I truly appreciate every read, very like, every comment. You make me feel stronger in myself - you're brilliant x 


  1. A good post. I don't make resolutions, and I'm fairly content nowadays.
    Thanks, and for you too. xx

    1. There is nothing better to hear than you are fairly content in life. I couldn't wish more for you - big hugs Mike x

  2. Oh how I Wish that I Was 40 again but also retired. :-)

    1. Arrrghh, I'M NOT READY to be 40, I feel like my 30s have flown by! haha

  3. Some big round numbers to celebrate for you two this year! We have 2018 behind us.
    Brexit is 'interesting' even from this distance.
    I so much enjoy tagging along on your long hikes (armchair hiking ;~))

  4. Hello Sweetie ... is it possible that you and Andrew are turning 40, and that you two have been together that long ! That is amazing, where did the time go ? .. try not to worry about the Brexit issue so much .. things will work out eventually .. you have wonderful goals ahead of you .. I'm so proud of you with the hiking and I am with Diana about tagging along as an armchair hiker, thank you ! and thank you for taking those wonderful photos ! .. you know I wish you and Andrew (Toby too) all the best for 2019 !!
    MM Joy ;-)

  5. Wonderful celebrations ahead for both you and Andrew! Congratulations, my stalwart friend.

  6. Hi, I've been reading your blog for for quite some time now. You sound like a twenty plus, not even thirty. Ha ha. Love your blog and posts! Thanks! Happy 2019!


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