Friday, 10 August 2018

Daily photo challenge round up (10)

Hi, another week has gone by in a blur of detachment and hopelessness. I haven't been anywhere near the allotment, I haven't gone for a hike, I haven't practised ecotherapy and I feel like life isn't worth the hassle. That's the truth of the matter and I am not going to pretend otherwise - sometimes, I feel, you just got to be brutally honest and stop the being fake, to stop from going mad.

So everyday, as I said last time, it has been good to have a wee photo challenge to shake my perception and force me to do something I do still find fun (though I think I'm crap at it - where did my self esteem go?).

As usual for the month I am working off Fat Mum Slim's prompt cheat....

Day 4 - weekend vibes

Still in my dressing gown with a good book, lists being made, coffee and chocolate on the go, lovely hand cream..

Day 5 - sunshine

here's the sunshine of my life..we're under a massive cloud today and it's miserable so cuddles are the way to go πŸ’žπŸ•

Day 5 - sunshine (part 2)

The clouds are parting and we are getting little windows of sun! Mix that with yellow flowers = joy!

Day 6 - ink

Pretty obvious; this is one of my tattoos πŸ€— Such a rebel, haha. NamastΓ© all xx

Day 7 - flying

I thought this prompt was hard. How to be original? Well my handmade bird sort of flying (don't you tell him otherwise πŸ˜‰) 

Day 8 - citrus

I'm a day late!! Made a mess of cutting this lime but had to use it anyway...πŸ€—

Day 9 - purple

My yoga stuff! My purple room, mat and hand towel, calming new candle and lucky elephant.

Day 10 - hearts

It's amazing how a little rummage can uncover so many little hearts in your study.


I hope you are all well and aren't anywhere the doldrums! Enjoy your weekend my dears and may the sun shine on all of you. Happiness lives out there somewhere :)

* What are you doing to stay happy everyday?

* What exciting plans do you have for the weekend?
* Anyone else obsessed with jigsaws at the moment?


  1. If I didn't have to buy food or didn't get taken out to do photography, I'd stay at home and lay solitaire and read and never leave the house.....I love your creativity in putting together things for images and am delighted to meet the Purple Elephant! Annie G

  2. I'm so sorry you understand what it's like. Thank you for taking time to make me feel less alone; this is so isolating. When you do get the power to go out, wow, your photography is on a much higher level than anything I do - it's a joy to see it.
    Oh, the purple elphant was handmade by me, I reckon if you want a magical friend sometimes you have to create them. It's blushing at it's moment of fame ☺

  3. Sorry to read that your feeling as you are, I'm sure the weather hasn't helped. Interesting selection of pictures.
    I'm happy if I can get to the plot each day, even if it's just a fleeting visit and a quick look round. It's a quiet, routine weekend which suits me. I've always enjoyed doing jigsaws but haven't one in ages, perhaps I will when we head into winter. Take care. xx

    1. I fought super hard today and had a better time even though the rain was pouring :) I'm so glad you get to go to the allotment so regularly and have a nice experience. I love the sound of yours, quieter more established and with a shop shop. At our place we have to go past the playing pitches, the community centre and the first (always busy) field of allotments to get to our place. It's not the quiet place I need. Anyway, jigsaws are fab and though there are times I wish I were much more cerebral, they are fun. I will be doing them in the winter and hopefully some needlework too. Hugs to you Mike xx


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