Friday, 21 September 2018

Daily photo challenge round up (16)

For most of the day, in fact until Andrew texted he was coming home and had wine, I thought today was Thursday. Hence I am sitting here at 10.15 pm doing my photo post for the week. We just watched The Great British Bake Off - An Extra Slice and LOVED it as usual. Who doesn't love dessert week!

So here are a few Berlin photos just by the way as I tried to keep up with the prompts on hoiday :) I have to do a wee post of Berlin, it was wonderful.....

Day 15 - steps

Walking around Berlin we came across these brass 'Stolperstein' (stumbling stones). Mini memorials to Holocaust victims which make you watch your step.

Day 16 - swish
'move with a hissing or rushing sound' just like the underground trains in Berlin.

Day 17 - suit

The suit of Hearts 😚❤

Day 18 - 20

On our wee island it's often handy to have both 20 pence and 20 cents 😄

Day 19 - pocket

My beloved pocket watch secure in my jeans watch pocket 🤗

Day 20 - handsome

My handsome boy. I know everyone thinks their boy is the most handsome but Toby is quite gorgeous 😍

Day 21 - a board game

Our beautiful hand-carved Turkish marble chess set. I've just made the first move - eek!

With much love and hopes for a fabulous weekend for you all (get those bulbs!!)


  1. I can’t do with the new guy they have shipped in to Bake Off - an Extra Slice.

    1. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that - I love him, I think he's a great comedian. Oh that is sad xxx

  2. A good selection of pictures. Glad to see that you enjoyed yourselves in Berlin.
    Thanks, and for you too. It's looks like being a rather wet weekend here so I'll be mostly armchair gardening. xx


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