Friday, 9 November 2018

Daily photo challenge round up (23)

This is becoming a terrible habit - I simply don't know what day I am living in so much of the time. I could have sworn that yesterday was Wednesday and today was thus Thursday but no, I was wrong again. My post of returning to the allotment last weekend must wait now for a few days (I hope to go back tomorrow again) and for today I am straight back into a weekly photo round up. I am miffed, confused, vexed and irked that today is Friday...again!

As I mentioned these prompts are thanks to Fat Mum Slim 😊

 Day 4 - I need...more allotment time. Allotmentherapy is good for the soul and we almost have it all cleared for winter, almost.

 Day 5 Fave an apple, crisp and crunchy and preferably a 'red lady' 🍎

 Day 6 Strong 
The scars have healed, each day is a battle but I am stronger now with the right medication, support and love.

Day 7 In the'll find our friendly household vegetable brush 😃🥕

Day 8 - this rules...I just received snail mail and it contained this awesome book from my good friend
Food friends rule! Snail mail rules! Books rule! Ecotherapy rules!

Day 9 - pale
Pretty pale scene at the dentists. White cups, white wall, white radiator...

Many of the bestest wishes to you all,
I shall write again soon,
Carrie xx


  1. Not an allotment, but we have acquired a Neighbourhood Farm in our suburb. Nice to get - anything fresher is still growing!

    1. A neighbour farm sounds wonderful! What animals do you have? We aren't allowed any on the allotments but I think it would be great to have a pig or goat or donkey or bees. It truly is the best way to get great fresh food! Yay xx

  2. Good post and pictures. I like apples, and eat one most days. Enjoy the book. xx

    1. Thank you xx I hope your apples help keep the doctor away! The book is lovely and what a nice surprise - It feels like the book I should have written, all about ecotherapy, walking and all things good :)

  3. I never know what day it is without giving it some thought. I know medics sometimes ask “What day is it?” To check mental acuity but they don’t understand that if you don’t go out to work it’s more so easy!

    1. Thank you! Can you imagine these days being in a film scenario and the medics as you what day it is and who's the President....instantly you would give up the fight and say "take me, I must be crazy" hahaha


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