Thursday, 8 November 2018

Looking back, catching up

Hike triumph - Newry Canal pt 2
I forgot to tell/show you that we completed the second half of the Newry Canal hike - hurrah to us! It happened way back on the 20th October and it was a much cooler and crisp day indeed, definitely more leaves on the ground and though this part of the walk wasn't quite as pretty, there were special surprises to be found. I'll simply put up two wee collages of what we found joy in.
old signs, many apples just out of reach, a donkey, more swans and cygnets
a beautiful bridge over  Moneypenny's lock, another mile marker and the lock keeper' s cottage, the lock and the neighbouring blacksmiths (still working away)
The walk started in Scarva, then we walked the 8 miles to Portadown train station (which meant my big red and sleepy mug had to face the Portadown public - eek!). The journey was grand and Toby was a very good boy indeed sitting under Andrew's legs and not barking once. Back at Scarva then, we disembarked and went to the local eatery for a lovely, well deserved dinner :)

And now because I simply forgot on Friday past....

Daily photo challenge round up (22)
 Day 27 - pop

A pop of pink in an otherwise dreary flower bed

Day 28 - contrast

In contrast to my usual view of a gingerbread man as jolly and plump this one is but a skeleton! 😄

Day 29 - black and white

Outside my fave bar in Belfast.

 Day 31 - rainbow

Beautifully arranged coloured bottles on the window sill of a sweet b&b in Northumberland.

And into NOVEMBER! With the same thanks to Fat Mum Slim for the prompts as before :)....

Day 1 - morning sky

This morning's glorious bright sky with the moon still up. Beautiful autumn light and colours.

 Day 2 - I want...
better vision please. I've been wearing glasses for 30 years now and also have incurable permanent double vision.

 Day 3 - I have...
the sleepiest little dog today. 


I have also been to the allotment! "What?" you cry, "Really?" and I proudly answer "yes 😊".  AND I have delved into a new (old) hobby.....So there is another wee blog post to come, soon, about that too. Hurrah.
Hugs and love


  1. Lovely post and pictures. I like the picture of Toby. I'm wondering what your new(old) hobby is. xx

    1. Thank you Mike! I will reveal all soon, in terms of the hobby, hahaha x

  2. Lovely photos now one thing I do worry about.....i can clearly see that says better vision through the glasses in that picture does this mean I need glasses......time to get my eyes tested I have been in denial for a long time captured are just perfect Jo xx

    1. FEAR NOT! I had to manually work the focus ring on the camera to get it to understand what was before it. But get your eyes tested regularly - the tests show more than just short or long vision problems!! xxx

  3. I love the ci=ute donkey.
    I’d love better vision too, I often wonder what it is like to see the world as normal people do. I had a frustrating time at the eye hospital yesterday. Last week I saw a doctor who sounded as though she was going to be a help. The on my follow-up appointment yesterday I saw a different doctor who contradicted all the first doctor had said and discounted what she had planned,

    1. That donkey was lovely - in fact I've never meant a donkey I didn't like :)
      Urgh, what a horrible situation you're in with the specialists at the eye clinic - I can only hope that the the first person you met and spoke with was more talented. Best wishes! x

  4. Working blacksmith must have been interesting.


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