Friday, 6 March 2020

With thanks to the Bee Gees

'with thanks to the Bee Gees' - a Stubborn Optimist blog - C.Gault

I haven't been online much and only wrote 2 blog posts last month but my mental health has been seriously poor and I haven't done much of anything to be honest. However this isn't what I want to talk about - I have the Bee Gees' Greatest Hits playing and let's get groovy :)
"Night Fever - we know how to do it!"

The weather.... I don't want to talk too much about the weather as it will only get us all down, BUT lordy, it has not be favourable to the allotmenteer, has it!? Here, by the sea, we have just had pesky rain, hail and very cold winds, enough to stop us from going to the plot. Why, could someone tell me, is the weekend weather always worse than the weekday (when we can't get stuff done!)?

Seed planting at home has begun, just a few trays so far but enough to be us excited. We (rather Andrew to be honest) has been planting them in the dining room so I can take photos and be involved.
Planting broad bean seeds - a Stubborn Optimist blog - C.Gault

Next seeds I'll be planting as Flighty, wonderful Flighty send me some of my favourite flower seeds and I always have room for pretty, bee friendly flowers ;)

Here's the seedlings we have at the minute.... Spinach, Cabbage and Broad Beans :)
 first seedlings - a Stubborn Optimist blog - C.Gault

We have lots of seeds to be sowing but we aren't worried as we don't want leggy seedlings when it gets time to plant them out; it looks like it's going to continue to be poor for a wee while yet.
 lots more seeds - a Stubborn Optimist blog - C.Gault

Oh and the potatoes are just beginning to chit and are firm and healthy.
"You should be dancing!"
potatoes chitting away - a Stubborn Optimist blog - C.Gault

This weekend has better weather in store, according to the weatherman, so fingers crossed my friends, we can but hope. Love and hugs ("love it such a beautiful thing!")


  1. The recent bad weather, especially at weekends, has affected most gardeners. Let's hope for better weather soon.
    Thanks for the mention, happy sowing and growing. Take care. xx

    1. I know we have been relatively lucky with the weather but boy it is disheartening when you just want to be at your plot working away.
      Love my seeds - you're a fabulous man xx

  2. It certainly hasn’t been allotment weather either at the weekends or during the week here. No sowing for a while yet as we don’t want leggy seedlings either.

    1. sorry you're weather has been poor too! Sad times indeed.
      There is plenty of time for seed sowing, you are so right. We're just doing things we know can stand a bit of bad weather for now, not going too mad but we are excited and desperate hahaha.

  3. Carrie sweetie ... living by a BIG lake (Lake Ontario) certainly has it's ups and downs ... and it has mainly be downs weather wise ... I am very blue over it too (sorry you are having a bad time of it) .. we all need a good dose of sunshine and warmer temps .. I am at the point I can't even imagine what that is like any more .. I am wearing double socks for heaven sake !

  4. I'll write to you later on the the week about things but thanks for the comment (really appreciate all of them!). Two pairs of socks, golly, it's cold where you are - roll on the warmer weather. We have already seen a change in the sunset times - the days are at least getting longer! xxx

  5. We were very grateful for an unexpected, one, millimetre of rain today. I was busy on a pruning mission when the heavens opened. One short sharp shower!

  6. Carrie, hugs from across the sea to you. I hope by now you have had some luck with better weather to cheer you and get you gardening :)
    And I guess it is it a universal truth...the weekend often goes downhill and the nicest day will end up on a weekday 9 times out of 10. I thought that was just us!
    I am thinking about starting seeds now, as the snow has just finally melted in the past few days, but it is still early for us (we have frost danger at night until mid-May). I am anxious to start and the Bee Gees have me fired up ;)



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