Friday, 3 April 2020

Spring 2020

It's not like any normal spring is it? We all know what's going on out there beyond the window panes and to be honest I think there are far too many sources of news about it - the information would choke a donkey! Let's just put a stubbornly optimistic spring slant on it all and say  - whoopie we have 2 veg plots now; one at the allotments and one here in the back patio :)

Let's start with what we've done most recently at the plot:

  • Planted out the 3 new fruit trees in the long back bed with the other fruit trees and bushes
the 3 new fruit trees- a stubborn optimist blog - C Gault 2020

Prunus Cerasus Schattenmorelle
 A sour tasting juicy, bright red cherry which is self fertile. Blossoms appear in April and subsequent fruit hangs on partly weeping branches.

Prunus domestica Stanley
Supposedly one of the tastiest, sweet and juicy plums out there, with a beautiful smooth deep blue/purple skin and orange-y flesh. Mostly self fertile, blooming late in spring with harvests ready at the start of autumn.

Malus Jonagold
Large, reddish, vigorously fruiting apple tree with crisp, sweet honey flavour. A cross between the crisp Golden Delicious and the blush-crimson JonathanBlossoms are bright pink in spring and harvests are ready in the autumn, when some trees are showing colourful leaves.
  • Planted out the first of the broad beans (the Sutton) and covered them in fleece (see first photo)
planting out the broad beans - a stubborn optimist blog - C Gault 2020
  • Harvested the last of the Purple Sprouting Broccoli and had our second harvest of forced rhubarb (and thus crumble - yum)
forced rhubarb and purple sprouting broccoli - a stubborn optimist blog - C Gault 2020

Back home on the patio we now have our potatoes (Pentland Javelin) planted in three 30 litre pots, with a few left over to take to the allotment tomorrow.  We prefer to grow them in pots (10 litre of soil per potato) as the harvest is so easy and mess free. 

planting spuds in pots - a stubborn optimist blog - C Gault 2020

spuds and broad beans in pots, peas, spinach, turnips and radishes ready to go - a stubborn optimist blog - C Gault 2020

Of course as you can see by the photograph we also have our cold frame in the patio at the moment with healthy seedlings almost ready to plant. Plus the lean-to greenhouse is full of more happy little seedlings doing their thing. 

Lots of work to do this weekend at the plot but we are looking forward to it (social distancing will be enforced!)

Love and hugs to you all, stay safe xx

N.B. I simply cannot get this song out my head today - She's an easy lover, hahaha


  1. A lovely, busy post showing that you're off to a good start. The three fruit trees will look lovely and the fruit taste delicious. I'm sure the rhubarb tastes as good as it looks.
    Happy plotting, and take care. xx

    1. We're trying very hard indeed. Slightly worried the allotment gardens could close if some people arent following the rules but loving having so much in the back garden. Fingers crossed for lots of lovely blossom this year and the rhubarb is delicious. Hugs x

  2. We are bringing a few things home too - just in case.

    1. It just feels safer, right? Never know how much stricter the going out rules could get. Hugs x

  3. That apple blossom will be a glorious sight. And the gentle fragrance.


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