Monday, 25 May 2020

How are you, friend?

hey hun, how's you? - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020

I don't usually let a year go by without mentioning and championing the annual mental health awareness week. However, this year I have been suffering myself ironically and haven't been able to write about the allotment or even the allotment patio. My depression has been heavy, anxiety unbearable at many points and I just don't feel engaged.

Even though it's getting like a lush jungle out there, I haven't even taken a photograph or a good look at things until 5 mins ago.

most of the allotment patio - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020

I must say though that many things are going great with our plants. Everything especially in the patio where most predators ( bar the snails) are yet to know about the tasty foodstuffs. OK our turnips and spinach seem to be bolting and the wild winds on Friday/Saturday hurt the leek seedlings but there's little to complain about. Also, I'm not sure why but all the spring onions are growing droopy - I don't mind it and they look yummy but it's odd....

snail party pooper - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020

collage on the back patio - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020
leeks which bounced back, the many broad bean flowers, bolting spinach, droopy scallions
I've been hiking around where we live with Andrew and Toby. Yes, there are very few footpaths but we are loving the exercise that we would usually have to wait for the weekend to do. Boy we have found some beautiful places... How glorious it is to see wild strawberries, gorse, bluebells, ferns, violets, sheep and even horses and donkeys.

I hope you know that wherever you are, whatever you're feeling these days, it is valid. If your thoughts are negative please talk to someone you trust. If it comes to it talk to me, my lovely.



  1. Do you think the winds battered your spring onions? Must remember to sow some. Take care.

    1. Funnily they are in a very protected area and have been growing floppy from the outset. Maybe we just have floppy seeds Haha x

  2. It's looking and sounding good on the patio. I've lots of flowers on my broad beans as well.
    Good to see you getting out and about finding some lovely places.
    Take care. xx

    1. Yes broad beans seem to be happy this year, we'll have a glut by the looks of things.
      Nothing better than watching the seasons change up close on our walks, never had to concentrate on one area so much before but I love it xx


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