Friday, 8 May 2020

It's all going swimmingly

There have been some truly beautiful days this week again and Andrew and I have had a few late lunches out on the patio. On one of those days Andrew planted up some of our mixed lettuce and a few wee baby chard 'bright lights' into the last patio pot; we still have so much other delicious food stuffs to pot up but where? how? we can't get more pots! I guess everything else such as the sweetcorn, leeks, squash were always going to have to go to the allotment proper.

planting lettuce in a pot - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020

We do have lots of lovely little flower pots for my flower seedlings and more radishes (we've been eating them like they're going out of fashion!). Oh I look forward to planting them up and seeing colour abound, big thanks to Flighty again for sending me the seeds. There will soon be marigolds, nasturtiums and some sunflowers alongside my happy little geum 'Queen of Orange'; I'll also have some for the allotment plot :)

Orange geum - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020

So everything is going swimmingly here and we are going to the plot tomorrow to get on top of the explosion of weeds that has happened thereI shall take my camera and share the news from that side of the allotment story too.

Broad bean flowers - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020
Beautiful broad beans flowers abound

Coriander and spring Onions - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020
coriander and spring onions getting on great 

radishes, turnips, potatoes, spring onions and spinach - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020
radishes, turnips, potatoes, spring onions and spinach!

Just noticed that some of the spinach 'amazon f1' has started to bolt as it is wont to do, never mind though, we have been eating it with nearly every meal, it's been so tasty. We have perpetual spinach now as well so all will be fine in the end.

 Spinach, beetroot and baby carrots - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020
spinach and beetroot with baby round carrots just starting their journey

Toby :) - a stubborn optimist blog - Carrie Gault 2020

Toby say's Hello ("bork") and wags his tail at you,
Hugs and love


  1. All looking good, I have spare pots in my shed if of any use? xx

  2. First ... Hello back Toby in "meow" language from Sophie .. LOL
    Every thing you guys grow looks so pretty .. and that isn't accounting for how darn HEALTHY it all is .. you two have to be the healthiest people in Ireland !
    You make veggies look like fashionistas of the foodie world .. LOL
    Seriously though .. everything looks wonderful .. but I do understand about the weed explosion .. my "beds" need some soul searching, weed outage ? haha
    Love seeing this Carrie .. hope yo and Andrew (Toby included of course) are very well and as happy as possible in this strange new world.
    Take care sweetie !
    Joy ;-)

    1. Hahaha - a cat tried to get into our back garden a few days ago and Toby went wild - feral! haahaha - That means he barked his high pitched squeak a few times - he likes not the feline, sorry Sophie.
      Thank you but i don't think we are the healthiest people in Ireland after the wine we just drank - oops! But we try :) Everything does look good, I am so happy it's right outside the house too, i can go out without any anxiety! This strange new world can't ruin my joy in ecotherapy. Talk to you soon - love you xxx

  3. I'm glad to see that it's all looking and sounding good. Thanks for the mention, it's good to see that the flower seeds are doing well.
    Happy plotting, and hello Toby. xx

    1. All is fab, thanks Flighty! Your seeds are growing exceptionally healthily and I hope to have some flowers soon to gaze at in wonder xxx

  4. Have you tried freezing spinach? I did that for the first time last year and coriander too as both seem to bolt quickly. Not as good as fresh but better than wasting it and making sure you have speed to use when the fresh is between crops.

    1. I am going to mention this right now to Andrew (the house chef) wonderful idea I hadn't thought off especially with the perpetual spinach growing so well - but for the coriander!!


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