Friday, 7 September 2018

Daily photo challenge round up (14)

So, SEPTEMBER, we met again and you have decided to be all stroppy and cold and rainy and dark. Well, welcome, humph!

This month I decided to choose Fat Mum Slim and her monthly photo challenges again; the prompts are once again by Jenny Love Wednesday  i did look around and found another blog which did prompts but I just like the way Fat Mum Slim is so organised and the community on Instagram is lovely, with all sorts of photography styles and levels welcome. I think i may even join the Facebook group that goes with it, some of these people are just so cool :)

Here are the months prompts:
 I have even managed to get 1 friend (and loyal reader) to play along with me this month - Rosemary from Selkie's Crochet. Hurrah - big love to you petal!

So here are my photos from this week so far...
 Day 1 - spoon
A delicate porcelain Chinese soup spoon in it's bowl.

 Day 2 - dad
Toby thinks his 'dad' is the bestest. High fives all round 😀🐶✋💓

Day 3 - rain
One of my favourite street art pieces in Belfast --- a rainy day stuck in traffic. Oh "rainy days and Mondays always get me down...."

 Day 4 - sauce
Good old HP never lets you down. Did someone say BBQ?

Day 5 - toes
Some of the cutest toes I know...🐶

Day 6 - balloon
Colin the caterpillar balloon gave his all for this prompt. There he was relaxing after a hard morning of merry making then 'POP' ☠.... outside to the bin (still smiling). RIP COLIN.
Day 7 - musical 
Say it fast = musical!
A music hall and speak-easy in Belfast.

I shall get back to writing about the allotment, hiking and all things good, promise. My mental health has been poor the past weeks and I have to be stronger and worker harder at keeping the negatives and the unnecessary out of my mind. There is a lot of stuff out there that simply doesn't deserve my energy.

Hugs and love and cuddles to my friends
Carrie xx

P.S. photos of sweetcorn and squash harvest to come - what a great year!!


  1. Lovely post and pictures, I especially like nos. 3 and 5.
    Thanks, and for you too. xx

    1. thank you so much Flighty - you're the best xxx

    My favorites are 3,5 and 7 .. 3 is outstanding .. 5 ? well who doesn't think Toby's toes are the cutest in the doggy world ? haha .. and 7 has such atmosphere ! spot on with all of them but I had to SHOUT OUT my favorites ! Thanks for stopping by my blog and with such sweet comments girl .. the season is really winding down now and I have to start Fall chores ... SOON ! BIG sigh !

    1. hahaha - We're going to lose our voices if we try to hear each other across all that darn space!. So glad you like my pics, it really is a boost to my creativity. I am looking forward to just taking more photos in general but these odd little prompts do get you thinking in a different way. BIG HUGS AND LOVE xx

  3. Replies
    1. Toby will always win - he's just too cute, and he knows it, ahah xxx

  4. Street art and rainy days for me.
    Keep the traffic, I'll enjoy the rain!


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