Friday, 28 September 2018

Daily photo challenge round up (17)

Another Friday has raised it's head and this time it looks really rather autumnal and crisp. The flowers are starting to go over, the trees are an utterly delightful shade of red/brown/orange, the sky seems bluer. Toby is back to fighting fallen leaves in the patio one of his favourite pastimes and I am thinking ahead to a new jumper for him.

I'm ready, it's going to happen anyway but now I am ready for the coming darker mornings and nights, the nip in the air and more rain and/or snow. The blankets are out, the cosy clothes have been sporadically worn, candles are making there way into the house and we are in the midst of a big DIY planning session = time to wake up to Winter coming.  Goodness knows if this winter we will see extremes in the weather as we did this summer, but I'm prepared and it's almost HYGGE time :)

Here are this week's Fat Mum Slim photo a day prompts....
Day 22 - waiting

Waiting for a table for a moment, not coffee this time but bubbles 😁🥂

Day 23 - hanging
LOVE this paste art with the girl's hair hanging down from the ceiling

Day 24 - bite  
Currywurst, one bite is never enough

Day 25 -  playful 
The Berlin Wall's playful take on the beer drinking culture there.

Day 26 - kind act
It doesn't have to be a big act. 

Self kindness - taking a moment to savour a coffee and clear my mind.

Day 27 - flowers
Loved this wildflower garden and bee hive at the Rowallane National Trust property. So pretty and productive. Love 🐝🐝🐝

Day 28 - entertainment 

There were so many things I could have chosen for this prompt but then I realised I'd been staring at this bundle of fur most of the day so far... even whilst asleep, he entertains me.

Keep warm my lovelies! I hope, like us you are enjoying the fruits of your allotment, (we're having a delicious vegetable curry with our own pumpkins and kale in) and are winding down.
Love and hugs
Carrie x


  1. A nice post and good pictures. I'll be starting to wind down on the plot over the coming weeks and will be doing more armchair gardening.
    Thanks, and you too. xx

    1. Armchair gardening - I have always loved that you call it that. Big hugs and love x

  2. Stews are certainly on the horizon for us too.


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