Friday, 5 October 2018

Daily photo challenge round up (18)

The DIY project has begun; I have rediscovered the joy of cross stitch; I have a wonderful new book to read (concentration has been very poor recently and I'm managing to keep up with the photo a day challenge! Hurrah!

Plus, tomorrow I am meant to going on a hike and the autumn colours are fabulous this year :) No fear of winter has crept into my bones just yet and there is still just enough light to type by at 18:22 :)

This past week's photos are a mix of two months, October starting brought a brand new month of prompts from Fat Mum Slim, this time it's all colours and I don't know how I feel about it yet. But first there were two left over from September to share, feast your eyes........

Day 29 - grey

Part of the Berlin wall, painted grey and with a monotone flowery hand grenade pasted onto it. Love the extra scribbles too

Day 30 - pineapple

I haven't reached that part in the pattern but soon I'll be stitching a row of pineapples 🍍😃

Day 1 - yellow

A dandelion in full bloom

Day 2 - pink

I tried to find something 'different' = pink sheep in a field not far from home!

 Day 3 - blue

A blue pillar with a reassuring little sign.

Day 4 - Green

'...the green green grass of home'. Love our countryside..

Day 5 - red

A bright shiny vibrant new post box 😊

So weather you are gardening, allotmenting, crafting, hiking or none of the aforementioned > 
Hugs and love
Carrie x


  1. Pink sheep look alarming - but it fades? Or washes out in the rain?

    1. Yes, i believe it's food dye and causes no side effects at all and fades in the rain xx

  2. A good selection of pictures. I like pineapple and wish I could grow them on the plot.
    It's damp and dull today so I'll be armchair gardening after lunch.
    Thanks, and to you too. xx

    1. I love pineapples too! I have heard of some people having limited results here in heated green houses but not outside. I'm one of those people who likes it on pizza too, haha, I very rarely eat pizza but I think it livens the dish up xx

  3. Replies
    1. It's October and breast cancer awareness month - I don't know who started it but many farmers dye their sheep pink to raise awareness. It's not harmful and washes out but it is a startling and funny sight :)


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