Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Can we do the weekend over again??

To begin with, the GOOD NEWS.... 

Bless us all but the past few days have been sensationally uninteresting in the main part, I shall tell one part of it here but boy am I glad that brighter and cheerier (fingers crossed) days are ahead....

Toby sniffing my new Millican 'Smith, the roll pack'  adventure photo day rack sack - so beautiful
Saturday saw us get all hopped up and ready to go on an adventure into Co. Down with our cameras and Toby too of course. But lo, the weatherman had got it wrong again and instead of the promised, yes promised, blue skies and cold brisk air we had dampness - rain, drizzle, mizzle, hailstones! at one point, a cold that cut you to the bone and a sky that never cheered up all day long.

We also made the heinous mistake of going to Ardglass - a place that once boomed with fishing industry and beautiful boats and now, especially in this weather was dull and gloomy with a low tide and nothing worth looking at. I took a photo of an open door for crying out loud! Plus sometime after this, my camera lens malfunctioned, not that I was to know about it yet....
This, this is the last thing I took a photo of and why? why I ask you? It's not even a good photo!
Onto Strangford which I do love but again the weather and the already gathering darkness had turned into a place of equal sadness and despair in my eyes. But here there was a lovely cafe/bistro with warm cosy feels. After ordering a mocha - for medicinal reasons. I went to take a photo of the loveliness and our drinks and lo - the malfunctioning lens showed itself.

Zoom past the next 45mins and my sudden and complete descent into Hades itself and you find me in a high rise car park, in the dark, waiting for Andrew who had taken my camera into the specialists in Belfast. The lens has to be sent away - I disintegrate. Depression does a really good job of making annoying problems turn into massive natural disasters; my life isn't worth living without my camera and the lens will take up to 6 weeks to be assessed and reported on.

Andrew decided I needed a lens and there was one that I would have eventually saved up for right there at half price. There were many people running in and out of the shop whilst he was there buying them and he picked up the last one and rang me. "YES I NEED THAT!" I cry down the phone, waking Toby who was oblivious to all of this drama.

And thus, here I am with a new lens on my camera and my 'old' lens (still under warranty) being sent off goodness know where.

Truly, a bump like that to a person in my mental condition can be so dangerous and still at the heart of it, ridiculous. That's what these illnesses do a person and Sunday was a write off as I slept all day due to Saturday's panic and the much need sedatives to stop me from doing harm to myself.

Andrew and Toby collected some delicious kale and chard from the allotment on Sunday and made a wonderful dinner. Photos taken with new 50mm prime lens....
Here's hoping your weekend was nothing like mine at all! May it have been all happy and lightness xx
Love and hugs

P.S. Let's just circle back to the news I gave at the start, especially as I have had the daylight simulation bulb on since I got up today - the winter solstice is coming, hip hip hooray! 😃


  1. Oh dear that's certainly a weekend to mostly forget about. Good to see that it ended better with a new lens, some tasty chard and kale and a smiling Andrew. My weekend was quiet and routine.
    I think that this time of year is difficult for many people, the next month or so certainly is for me. Thankfully there will be better days and weather as there always is, meanwhile reading good books along with tea and biscuits help. Take care. xx

    1. Would you believe it - Andrew has only gone and bought himself a 'proper camera' now too. We'll be photo buddies now as well as in everything else. That chard and kale was lovely and we still have more - yummy. I doubt we'll get to the allotment this weekend - new camera adventures await!
      I do not like this time of year and hate December but as that month starts tomorrow, it can only mean 21 days until the days get longer and time does march forward :)
      Enjoy your books, tea and biscuits xxx

    2. Going to be interesting to see thru two different photographer's eyes. Christmas is a strange time of year. Too much expectation.

  2. I would be lost without my camera too - although mine has a fixed lens so it would be the whole camera that was out of action. It's mizzled here too - plot visits have been few and far between. partly due to weather and partly due to a little dog having surgery and anxious waits by the phone.

    1. I can't breathe without mine near me and with a good amount of battery power. I have beenn interested in photography since I was 15. I loved printing my own film and photos back them in school but digital it very cool too and I can make lots of mistakes without wasting film :)
      So sorry your wee dog has been in hospital, I hope the problem is now fixed and better health is coming soon. It's horrible having a pet ill, you just can't explain things and why you are hurting them, or letting the drs hurt them. Big hugs x

    2. She wasn't ill as such which made it worse. She had some lumps and bumps that needed removing which in effect was three operations in one. When we went to pick her up she was hyper and had been 'bossing' the vets and staff around. She came home and tucked in to a meal. It was a huge worry as she is over 13 years old. She seems fine and has her stitches out on Friday. She just need her patches to grow some fur/wool.

  3. Hello sweetie .. I know it has been a while but some things have been going on .. congratulations on the new lens and the other one still under warranty is a good thing indeed !
    I have a 50 mm and I love it .. of course I'm not using it much for the next few months until Spring arrives but ? it is like having a savings account , having lenses on stand by right ? LOL
    Hope you feel better for a LONG time :-)


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